Ichiban. Best bonsai tool.
The first rule of ICHIBAN club is that you have to talk about it to everyone. To join the CLUB you will have to: 1 - have an ICHIBAN 2 - send a photo with you and your ICHIBAN, like the photo in Marco Invernizzi’s biography 3 - send a photo with the personalization of your ICHIBAN 4 - send a brief comment or story about you and your ICHIBAN 5 - allow us to use these photos and comments for our promotion, both on the website and in specialized magazines. Then, you will automatically be members of an exclusive club. With a personal password you will be able to have access to a special area where you will find lots of contributions, information and advice and you can contact Marco Invernizzi at any time to ask him for any suggestion on your bonsai and your works. He will answer any question within few days and the advice service is totally free. In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with other club members.
Scelta lingue Ichiban. Ichiban language choice