Ichiban. Best bonsai tool.
Shinji Suzuki:
I have never seen such a thing come into the contemporary world of bonsai. combined with a uniqueness never seen before, and the craftsmanship of masakuni, something special has been achieved. â bonsai will improve and grow over time, but time will fly while you are using ichban!

Roy Nagatoshi:
In the very beginning it took me about a week to really get used to  this. it is so different then what we had before. Now it actually IS the  tool number one. I always use it and always have it with me. On some  days I only use this tool. I work a lot with this, believe me, and it is  still amazingly sharp after three weeks. Normal tools I have to sharpen  ever other day.

Compared to a normal pair of bonsai scissors,these are light and comfortable in the hand; you barely have to raise your elbow.you can multitask with ease, cutting swiftly through branches and wire as you go about your maintenance and creation.in addition to ichiban's unique design and efficiency, any level of bonsai student can have fun using a pair of ichiban to their own satisfaction.

Walter Pall:
Besides all the properties of Ichiban that have been advertised and been spoken about I think maybe the most important one has been overseen so far: A person who has a collection or a nursery will walk through the garden at least once a day and often several times a day. You know what happens: here is a little branch that is dead an should be cut off,  here are a few suckers that need to be cut off soon, here is a little  wired branch and the wire should be cut because it starts biting in, here is a thicker branch that needs to come off soon, here are stumps  that are left over from spring and should go. Well, what happens? Usually nothing, because one needs the right tools  to do the job immediately. Or the bonsaiist goes back to the workshop and gets the right tool. Usually he will say 'I do this later'; 'later  'being a synonym of 'never'. Or he constantly carries four tools with  him which ruin his pockets. The answer is Ichiban. It is the perfect tool to walk the nursery and do  the little jobs RIGHT THERE.

John Pitt:
For me, the most outstanding feature of the Ichiban is the ergonomic  design. I have arthritis in several of my joints and this tool is a joy to use, it fits perfectly in my hand, is very light and after learning how to use it  properly it has really made a difference to the pleasure I get from working with my bonsai.

Robert Steven:
ICHIBAN is a truly creative bonsai instrument, I call it instrument because it is simply more than a tool. in seems uneasy to handle in the beginning, but once put it into practice, it works more efficient and effective in different manner...

Although it is not cheap, but it worths in quality and function and you get the payback. Now I do not need to carry the banch of tools around my bonsai garden to do different works...I simply LOVE it !
Scelta lingue Ichiban. Ichiban language choice