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Marco was born in 1975 in Milan, Italy and in his native city he started his bonsai passion in 1991.

He has 2 Arts diplomas and a Design degree. He was the first western pupil of the greatest Bonsai Master in the world, Masahiko Kimura, with whom he studied in Japan for 4 years.

Marco won all the most important European bonsai awards. His articles were published in 10 languages throughout the world. He taught bonsai in 5 continents to thousands of students.

He manages some of the best bonsai collections in Europe and USA.

He is well-known and respected in Japan, but also in the entire world’s bonsai community.

Marco realized his dream of combining his love for design with his passion for bonsais and is the first bonsai master in the world who has created a new bonsai tool.