Over seventy years ago a pair of specially designed shears was brought to the Bonsai world by a Bonsai enthusiast after his long terms of experiences and researches.
His name is Shichinosuke Kawasumi, the MASAKUNI 1st. who was a well-known manufacturer of Flower Arranging scissors and Medical use cutting tools.
This pair of shears was the original shears in Japan specially designed for Bonsai training.
And it was the real opening of the history of Bonsai training tools.
Since then Shichinosuke threw himself into the developing of Bonsai tools and began the co-operative research with Mr.Kyuzo Murata, the famous Bonsai master of Kyuka-en in Omiya Bonsai village.
This research bore fruits and a number of epoch-making tools were created by them.
Ever since those days, over two generations, MASAKUNl has been concentrating on developing and perfecting the Bonsai training tools and has been giving a great deal of contribution to the progress and propagation of the Bonsai cultivation techniques.
The outshining sharpness and durability of MASAKUNI's tools are based on MASAKUNI's original continuous making process, in which the world famed manufacturing tradition of Japanese Sword is aliving supported by the contemporary scientific quality control.
Using the highest quality pure steel as the material, by well-experienced craftsmen, MASAKUNI's tools are forged and forged completely, trained under the special method of heat treatment and made sharpen to obtain the ideal angle of the blade. Moreover one by one, they are adjusted precisely and checked from detail to detail including the microscope examination.
MASAKUNI is the only one full-scale maker in Japan and has over three-quarters century of experience in producing Bonsai training tools so we can say that the history of the bonsai tools is the history of MASAKUNI.