Welcome to Ichiban website.  

After almost thirty years of experience in the bonsai field, 4 years of study 
in Japan with Masahiko Kimura, 8 years of design studies, after working on some of the most beautiful bonsais in the world and teaching thousands of people in 5 continents, I am really honoured to introduce you the result of what only 3 years ago could be considered a dream. 

A new revolutionary bonsai tool which for the first time in the history of this ancient art combines quick use, ergonomics, precision, performance and comfort 
in one tool, which will help anyone make bonsai a much more pleasant, relaxing and effective experience.

A working tool realized piece by piece by hand by Masakuni, the most renowned world producer of bonsai tools, with a hundred-year-old tradition emerging from the ancient Japanese experience of steel forging.

ICHIBAN is not a tool for professionals only, but it has been studied and tested 
so that people at any level of experience, men and women, right and left-handers, with small and slender or large and muscular hands, can benefit from its ergonomic design, its several functions and its high-quality materials.

Every big change requires knowledge and some time to adapt; I invite you 
to discover in every detail the incredible potentials of ICHIBAN and how a single tool can take you where many others have never arrived before.